LYFT Ice Cool Strong Nicotine Pouches - Tobacco Free.

LYFT is a brand of nicotine pouch manufactured by British American Tobacco. These all-white silk-like portions come in a variety of flavours, detailed below, ranging from Cool Eucalyptus to an earthy Barista Twist tasting experience. As well as a pick of flavours, a range of strengths are available, from 6-14 mg per pouch, which is perfect for the novice and experienced user. Moreover, LYFT nicotine pouches are tobacco-free and have even more variety in terms of format, with both slim and mini portions available. So, go and explore and pick your favourite.

An important note - if you are looking for old LYFT Freeze you’ll find it re-branded under VELO Nicotine Pouches.

Lyft Nicopods

Understanding nicotine pouches strengths

Nicotine pouches, or ‘tobacco-free snus’, are rapidly growing in popularity in the EU and the UK. The increased demand for nicotine pouches has not only resulted in the development of many different brands, flavours, and formats, but also strengths, to suit the nicotine needs of every user. Whilst having lots of choice in nicotine content is great, it can make choosing an incorrect strength more likely. Just a couple extra milligrams of nicotine can make a world of difference in terms of the desired, and undesired, effects of a nicopod. A pleasurable, stimulating buzz can quickly turn into feelings of sickness, nausea, and cause tolerance issues if ill-suited intensity is chosen. For these reasons, it is useful to understand the concept and measures of nicotine pouch strength, which can be slightly confusing since it differs between different brands and manufacturers!


The Basic Measures of Nicotine Pouch Strength

When browsing our website, you may have come across nicotine pouch strength values. Nicotine pouch strengths are usually stated in mg/g or mg/pouch and can help you determine what our strongest nicotine pouches are. But what exactly do these mean?


How Do I Interpret the Nicotine Pouch Strength Label?

Most nicotine pouches will feature nicotine mg/g and/or mg/pouch values on the packaging, which you now know how to make sense of! Alongside these values, there is often a visual, text, or numerical indicator of strength, called the strength label, for a quick strength check. Interpreting this label is easy once you know how, so we are here as your guide!


Some Common Areas of Confusion

So, what are the two most common reasons for nicotine pouch users being confused when interpreting the nicotine strength label and nicotine milligram values? Well, firstly, different brands use different nicotine strength labels. Secondly, there is a distinct difference between nicotine mg/g and mg/pouch values.